About Us

We are a unique combination of experienced researchers, programmers and developers. We set new standards in online research and data delivery.
  • What?

    Our core business is creating high end, complex surveys giving researchers the data they need quickly and accurately.

    To bring data to life we create interactive dashboards so brands can monitor and action live customer feedback.

    We build online communities and have over 100,000 members on our Australian research panel.

    Conduct live on-the-go research with our mobile app and mobile browser technology.

    Or use our iPad optimised survey platform to conduct central location surveys.

    Take advantage of our research knowledge and accesss our QuickSmart range of templated research packages.

  • Why?

    We listen, we create, we deliver.

    Get in touch and tell us your challenge. Our staff are experienced and can guide you on the right approach and to the right results.

    We love the simple stuff, but thrive on complex choice models, shelf designs, drag and drop and HTML5 techniques to deliver your content in a unique and eye-catching format on any device.

    As our client you will have instant access to over 100,000 members on our research panel. Send them surveys, recruit them into focus groups and in-depth interviews, build your own community or simply check an incidence.

    Get instant access to our online data reporting tools and live update pages.

  • How?

    We recruit the right people.

    We understand market research.

    We utilise new technology to develop new and smarter ways to engage with consumers.

    We have a global network of partners for international projects in any country.

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    99+ Happy Clients
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    40+ Countries Surveyed
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Our mission

To develop smarter, better, faster online tools & services to empower researchers with the technology to gain deeper insights through multi-media sources

Meet The Team

We design and build surveys, cross-tabulations, database applications, dashboards, online communities, mobile solutions and other customised digital solutions
  • TDE are a talented bunch from varied backgrounds, but with a common goal to excel in every aspect of our work.

  • Call us anytime:
    tel: +61 2 9258 4493

Roger Neyland (Director)

t: +61 2 9258 4463
e: rogern@thedigitaledge.com.au

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Andrew McGaffney (Team Manager & Senior Programmer)

t: +61 2 9258 4416
e: andrewm@thedigitaledge.com.au

Jarrod Windeatt (Technical Consultant & Senior Programmer)

t: +61 2 9258 4404
e: jarrodw@thedigitaledge.com.au

Chang Weng (New Product Development & Senior Programmer)

t: +61 2 9258 4483
e: changw@thedigitaledge.com.au

Richard Tullett (Senior Programmer)

t: +61 2 9258 4486
e: richardt@thedigitaledge.com.au

Alec Wang (Programmer)

t: +61 2 9258 4469
e: alecw@thedigitaledge.com.au

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Our Services

We bring a personal and effective approach to every project we work on. We have depth in knowledge and experience to tailor solutions to fit clients needs.
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  • Research

    Adhoc surveys, omnibus, templated research packages

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  • Panel

    100,000+ active members within Australia

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  • Data

    Easily visualise data via our dashboards & charting software

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  • Mobile

    Customised app and browser driven on-the-go research

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  • Communities

    From overnight chats to 12 month communities & customised panels

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  • Delivery

    Fast and accurate data delivered on time, everytime

  • QuickSmart Research

    Having been in the online research business for over a decade we've hosted thousands of different surveys, but many with the same core objectives. QuickSmart Research is built on this experience and provides researchers access to proven research modules that deliver rapid results at a cost effective price.

    To launch the QuickSmart range we'd like to introduce 3 new modules: Concept Tester, Brandhealth Dip and Brand Health Tracker.

    With no questionnaire design, no table or chart specs, simply provide the brands or concepts and we'll do the rest!

    QuickSmart Modules

    Concept Tester:

    A templated concept test, written by a researcher and pressure tested to ensure it gives you what you need, in the time that you need it. Each concept is tested via N = 200 nationally representative Australians, and data delivered 3 days later in tables or via pre-designed charted dashboard form.

    Brand Health Dip:

    Understand people's awareness, attitude and behaviour towards your brand without having to enter into a long-term tracking contract, without breaking the bank and with rapid turnaround. Each category is tested via N = 400 nationally representative Australians, and data delivered within the week in tables or via pre-designed charted dashboard form.

    Brand Health Tracker:

    Extend your QuickSmart Brand Health Dip into a Tracker. With no contract or timetable to adhere to, you control when to run each dip with no future commitment required.

    Weekly Omnibus

    Nationally representative sample of 1,500 Australians

    Submit 3 to 10 questions onto our bi-monthly omnibus at $750 per question. [ download brochure ]

  • Adhoc Surveys

    We specialise in programming online surveys from basic customer satisfaction surveys to complex choice modelling & shelf designs.

    Quick Polls

    We guarantee over 150 responses to any poll within 24 hours. It's ideal for checking an incidence or gaining some quick facts for a pitch

    Quick Chats

    Bring your pitch to life with verbatim quotes from real people about brands, current affairs or any topic. Used in conjucntion with Quick Polls, you can quickly gain both quantitative and qualitative insights into selective topics.

    Online Communities

    Run 1 week to 12 month communities. Let us do the hard work and keep the panel engaged whilst you focus on the research at hand. Have your members post to the community via a mobile app for instant on-the-go feedback.

    Mobile Research

    Our mobile app is built for smartphones using iOs, Android, Windows and Blackberry operating systems. Recruit people from our Australian panel or use your own database to conduct mini-surveys, forums and polls. Capture GPS location, barcodes, images and videos.

    Research Only Panel

    We have over 100,000 Australians on our AMSRO Gold accredited research only panel.

  • TDE at a glance:

    QuickSmart Research - cost effective templated research

    Online Surveys including bi-monthly Omnibus

    QuickChats & QuickPolls - overnight results

    Online Communities - qualitative research

    Research Only Panel - 100,000+ members in Australia

    Direct Marketing Panel - 75,000+ members in Australia

    Mobile Solutions - apps and browser driven

    Data Dashboards - monitor KPIs and live feedback

  • ...

    HTML5 powered videos - compatible with any device

    jQuery Powered Effects - bringing web pages to life

    Social Media Scraping - what are people saying about your brand?

    Panel Building - create your own research panel

    Group Recruitment - fresh people for focus groups

    Panel Building - we'll create your own research panel

    Data Entry - rapid verbatim coding plus codeframe development

Client Testimonials

"TDE are a fantastic company to work with. Projects are dealt with quickly and efficiently and everyone is a pleasure to work with. Nothing, even the trickiest of requests, is too much trouble. I’d highly recommend them." Dr Rachel Adams - Account Director, Bread & Butter Research & Strategy

"Roger and the TDE team are really experienced. They are always helpful and have a point of view when you call to discuss a tricky brief. You can rely on them to deliver." Jude Rutherford - CEO & Co-founder, Jigsaw Strategic Research

"After discovering The Digital Edge on the app store, I checked out all the different elements of what the company was offering to suit a range of projects that I was working on to find that there was a great selection of suitable products and services to meet the requirements. The process from initial meeting to turning the project around was extremely fast. They delivered a great service from start to finish and have recommended the company to many clients as they are fast, efficient, proactive and reactive." Catherine Taouk - Director, Think Consulting & Coaching

We pride ourselves in consistently being the first to break new ground in digital research. We drive our business forward by exploring and incorporating the latest and best methodologies and technology. Keeping up with innovation is our virtue as it is our key in delivering quality research solutions.

Custom Research Tools

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  • The Digital Edge
    Shelf Design & Shopping Carts

    With more people shopping online, we decided to integrate shelf design & shopping cart technology into our surveys to enhance user experience and engagement.

  • The Digital Edge
    Data Visualisation - Dashboards

    Many businesses operate with no knowledge of how their customers perceive their brand. Our dashboards deliver real time key performance indicators which can be measured over time to quickly identify troughs and peaks as they occur. Instantly follow-up customer feedback, action issues as they arise and track your brands's ratings over time. Our dashboards are an invaluable tool and can be customised to suit any business across any industry.

  • The Digital Edge
    QuickSmart Research

    Proven research modules for smarter, quicker, cost effective results. Having been in the online research business for over a decade we've hosted thousands of different surveys, but many with the same core objectives. QuickSmart Research is built on this experience and provides researchers access to proven research modules that deliver rapid results at a cost effective price.

  • The Digital Edge
    Qual Recruitment

    With 100,000 on our panel, we have the perfect captive audience to recruit to face-to-face research, depths and focus groups.

  • The Digital Edge
    Mobile Apps

    Most people have smart phones these days so what better way to keep them entertsained by providing an app to particpate in surveys, polls and forums whilst they are out an about and have a few minutes to fill.

  • The Digital Edge
    Custom Designed Panels

    After creating our own panel, we decided to offer our skills and learnings as panel builders. We'll build the interface and recruit as many active members as you need offering a fresh and custom set of panellists for whatever use you want.

  • The Digital Edge
    Hotspots, Heat Maps & Magnifier

    Quickly gauge feedback on concepts or ads by allowing survey users to click on the bits they like and dislike.

  • The Digital Edge
    Quick Chats

    Polls give quantative data so Chats were the next obvious development giving researchers verbatims to back up their stats - perfect for pitches and last minute presentations.

  • The Digital Edge
    Quick Polls

    The need for faster information led us to develop our online polling system to give researchers overnight results.

  • The Digital Edge
    Research Only Online Panel

    Our panel is now over 100,000 active members and is AMSRO Gold accredited meaning it's one of the best quality panels in the country.

  • The Digital Edge
    Mobile Optimised Surveys

    With the increase in smartphones more and more people were taking our surveys on their phone browsers. Unfortunately, most ssurvey platforms weren't designed for hand held devices so we've tweaked our platform to detect device type and to automatically reformat the survey to suit that particular screen size.

  • The Digital Edge

    Enhance surveys with drag'n'drop techniques and replace repetitive battery statement grids in surveys. Increased user enagagement increases data quality.

  • The Digital Edge
    Website Evaluation

    Have thousands of our panellists evaluate your website by embedding it into an online survey.

  • The Digital Edge
    Choice Modelling

    We build complex choice modelling surveys enabling in-depth analytics to identify key price points and brand positioning.

  • The Digital Edge
    Online Surveys

    We were one of the first companies in Australia to build online surveys specific to the market research industry.

TDE - The Digital Edge in Sydney, Australia

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