How will recognition technology impact the future industry of market research?

Emotional (and behavioural) recognition is a new frontier in recognition technology. 

This method is accomplished by identifying patterns of certain behavioural triggers as they correlate to facial expressions – which are considered universal. By doing so, researchers are able to collect psychographic data at an unprecedented rate and at a much lower cost than what they’ve ever been able to do before.

This is the opportunity marketers have been waiting for –  the capacity to acquire a much deeper understanding of their customers’ needs without the barrier of being obtrusive.

This type of technology promises to make it easier to understand websites, mobile applications, advertisements and a consumer’s emotional state or response to the product or service.

At The Digital Edge we have incorporated facial recognition technology into our online survey platform. Our clients have utilised this software to pre-test emotional response to advertising  before the advert has gone to market.

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